frequently asked questions

1)  Isn`t it weird to swallow toothpaste?

Eat & B-fresh gel does not taste like tootpaste, it is a delicious food gel with tootpaste properties. Used right after a meal it is more like swallowing a gel candy. Besides the children appreciate it a lot.

2) Is it really effective as a tootpaste?

Yes, it`s as effective as a classic tootpaste, it should be used with a tootpbrush. On the other hand, Eat & B-fresh tootpaste can be swallowed. It is the only tootpaste that is made to be eaten . It meets European food standars. This is why the Eat & B-fresh gel is not in a tube but in a sterile mono-dose sachet. The other tootpastes meet cosmetic standards and must therefore be spat out.

There is in the Eat & B-fresh gel , a combination of Xylitol and Erythritol which blocks the development of bacteria.

There is also calcium carbonate which promotes remineralization of enamel

The PH of tootpaste is alkaline  ( PH=8,5) this quickly neutralizes the acidity of the mouth.

3) Is there any sugar in this tootpaste?

No, there is no sugar in the Eat & B-fresh gel, the sweet taste comes from natural sweeteners which are Xylitol and Erythritol.

4) Why is there no fluoride in this tootpaste?

Fluoride is a toxic element that must be avoided to swallow, it is the most oxidizing chemical element and the most electronegative. Even at low doses it has a negative action on the brain, the thyroid, and the immune system, reducing the body`s defenses.

Fluoride is an endocrine disruptor, it is unfortunately  a medical error because we praise its positive effects on the teeth while forgetting to see the negative side effects on the rest of the body.

10-20% of children have fluorosis (white spots on their teeth), which shows excess fluoride in the body. These children probably unwittingly swallowed fluoride toothpaste when they were younger.