The 1st Eatable toothpaste , fluoride-free, sugar-free, preservative-free, color-free based on food natural ingredients


Eat & B-fresh is a toothpaste specially designed to be eaten, created by scientists in collaboration with  dentists .

Eat & B-fresh meets all European food standards, it is the only food-grade toothpaste that can be swallowed safely.

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Kids enjoy Eat & B-fresh

Eat & B-Fresh is used as soon as the first teeth appear.

It is the ideal toothpaste for young children,

because kids under 6 swallow up to 50% toothpaste!


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The toothpaste that goes with you on the go

At work, at school, on vacation, maintain impeccable dental hygiene.

with Eat & B-fresh you no longer need a bathroom to brush your teeth.

Eat & B-fresh is the traveler’s toothpaste.


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French dentist since 1998. The idea for eatable toothpaste came to me while traveling by plane where I could not easily access the toilet area. I was wondering how to maintain my dental hygiene? What could be the products to use? This was the starting point of my reflection. After 10 years of research in collaboration with independent scientists, I am bringing my idea to life with Eat & B-fresh, the first edible toothpaste that is eaten.

Finally a toothpaste that young children can swallow without danger, because studies show that they swallow 30 to 50% of the toothpaste! Apart from conventional toothpastes are cosmetic products that must be spit out,they are not suitable for young children.

Eat & B-fresh is an edible food gel packaged in sterile sachets for the safety of the consumer.

Dr Thierry Payet