Eat & B-fresh: the best toothpaste for children!

Eat & B-fresh is the only toothpaste that meets the FOOD standard. It comes in a sterile bag and is safe to swallow. Children swallow up to 50% of toothpaste when brushing teeth However, classic toothpastes should not be swallowed! They meet COSMETIC standards = product that should not be ingested but spit out. Unfortunately, young children swallow toothpaste… Without doing anything on purpose, they thus absorb a product that is harmful to their health. Because classic toothpaste is a pollutant for the body which, even if it contains fluoride, can be toxic

Yes fluoride is toxic to the body, few people know it is the most ELECTRO NEGATIVE chemical element, the most OXIDIZING it acts as an endocrine disruptor, decreases the body’s defense system, disrupts the functioning of the thyroid, weakens the bones, decreases cerebral capacities (it was used during the war as a tranquilizer, making the population more docile …)

Did you know that about 40 % of children in USA have dental fluorosis (white or brown spots on the teeth indicating a malformation of the dental enamel due to excess fluoride) that means that they have weakened their immune system, weakened their bones, weakened their teeth, disrupted their thyroid etc. …! The main reason for this fluorosis is the involuntary ingestion of fluoride from toothpaste and water

Eat & B-fresh is your ally for teaching your child dental hygiene,thanks to its very pleasant taste your child will have fun brushing their teeth.