Thanks to active research and laboratory testing, Fresh-B offers the first 100% food-based toothpaste. With the same effectiveness as a classic toothpaste; RECOGNIZED ACTIVE ELEMENTS: XYLITOL, ERYTHRITOL, CALCIUM CARBONATE

Xylitol (E967) is a polyol extracted from birch bark and other fruits known for 20 years as a sugar substitute. Developed for the first time in 1975 in Finland, Xylitol will both give a feeling of freshness and reduce or even block the growth of bacteria responsible for decay. This is why it is the flagship ingredient in chewing gum recognized by the HAS (Haute Autorité de Santé).

Xylitol is used in the composition of Eat & B-fresh for its non-cariogenic character and inhibits bacterial growth.

Erythritol (E968) is a natural sweetener derived from plants and present in many foods (mushrooms, fruits, cheeses …).

Although discovered in 1852, it was not until 1990 to see its appearance in natural products in Japan. Today, erythritol is used in more than 60 countries: drinks, chocolate, candies and baking products.

His near zero calorie intake makes him the friend of zero calorie diet products, zero sugar but also recommended in prevention for patients at risk or suffering from diabetes. According to a study published in 2013 by Molecular Oral Microbiology, erythritol has also been shown to be a very effective agent in combating the development of biofilm. A publication in the African Journal of Microbiology Research5 highlights the results of which are clear: “Our results indicate that in the presence of 4% xylitol and erythritol 4% of bacterial growth was reduced by 68 and 71%, respectively. Biofilm formation was reduced to 31.32% in the presence of 4% erythritol.

Calcium carbonate (E170) has many properties. It is used here as a cleaning agent and polisher. It is a mild abrasive ideal for teeth and other fragile surfaces. It also helps limit the acidity of certain foods and remineralize email.Thanks to a basic PH (PH = 8.5 at 25 ° C), Eat & B-fresh toothpaste fights acidity. The acidity created by bacteria prematurely damages tooth enamel and promotes the development of tooth decay.



According to statistical studies, young children swallow 30 to 50% of toothpaste when brushing their teeth. However, conventional toothpastes only meet cosmetic standards. These toothpastes must not be swallowed, they are harmful to health. It is enough to look at the list of the ingredients constituting them to realize that they do not meet food standards.

Young children involuntarily swallow toothpaste, thus absorbing a product that is harmful to the body.

As a health conscious dentist, I created Eat & B-fresh with food ingredients known to be effective and provide healthy toothpaste that children can safely swallow.

Thanks to its delicious taste, Eat & B-fresh is very popular with children. So they have fun brushing their teeth and it makes it easier for them to learn dental hygiene.


The Fresh-B Kit was designed to be practical and easily transportable, with a foldable toothbrush. Its pocket size allows you to maintain impeccable dental hygiene anywhere and at any time.

At work, at school, on vacation, you no longer have to be in the bathroom to brush your teeth.

Just put the gel in your mouth, brush your teeth while swallowing and voila, whether you are on foot, in the car, on the train or on the plane….